Overnight Camp Activities

 The activities offered for overnight camp are similar to those offered for day camp. However, there are additional activities that overnight campers get to experience.

Have you ever wanted to see the stars- like really see them? It gets really dark at camp and that creates a beautiful opportunity away from city lights to look up and see some amazing things!Night hikes are a special event.  We have many nocturnal animals like owls and raccoon which we can occasionally see on a hike after dark.

Did someone say s'mores? This is definitely a camp favorite.  There's nothing quite like roasting marshmallows over a campfire then squeezing it with chocolate between two graham crackers. YUM!Skits and songs are a HUGE part of our evening programs.  Chances are good your camper will come home singing the songs they learned here.

Camp-wide games are often played after dark. Campers love running through camp with flashlights guiding their counselor on a competitive adventure.

These are things you only experience if you spend the night at camp.  We are looking forward to creating these traditions with you!