What days are you open?

 We are open Monday through Friday but will accommodate weekend trips under special circumstances. Please contact us for available dates and more information on weekend retreats. 

How many students can I bring?

 You may bring up to 130 students on a single day. 

Is there a fee to attend?

 Yes. We would be happy to send you a price quote. Please contact us for information at info@camprio.org.

Do you provide transportation?

Camp RIO does not provide transportation for outdoor ed. Please speak with your school's transportation department for bus transportation.  We would be happy to discuss alternative options with you if you do not have a bus. 

Can you accommodate students with special needs?

Yes. Most special needs students will be able to participate. We even have “off-road" wheelchairs for their use. We are not responsible for transferring students with wheelchairs into canoes, so a trained chaperone would need to accompany the student at all times. 

Do you have a nurse?

We have a certified health aide on the property, and the instructional staff is trained in first aid, CPR, and AED. We also have a nurse station equipped with anything you may need while here. 

Do you have air conditioning?

Many of our indoor facilities are air-conditioned including our newly built cabins. 

I just had a baby. Is there somewhere I can go to pump?

 Yes! We have a private room where you can go to take care of this need. 

Parents are asking if they can come see the camp. Is this possible?

 No. Parents are not able to come onto the camp property at this time. Please ask them not to follow the buses.  However, they are welcome to attend any of our community events with the whole family.  Please refer them to our events page for more information.  

What happens if it rains or is cold?

 We consider rain a beautiful part of being outdoors! We have ponchos available for all staff and students if needed, and we will not go indoors unless it becomes unsafe for us to be outside. We also enjoy the occasional cold weather, but we do have indoor activities if the weather becomes intolerable. We do encourage you to be prepared to stay outside for all weather. 

What about the Zika virus?

 There have been a few reports in Brownsville of Zika, so we recommend spraying staff and students before arrival (especially anyone who is pregnant or thinks they may be pregnant). Feel free to bring bug spray as well.

If you feel the need to create a permission slip to include authorization for bug spray application in the event mosquitos are really bad, that will be up to the individual school. It is really weather dependent on if they are a problem (cold and/or windy weather usually means no mosquito problem).

Can parents pick students up directly from the camp?

 We discourage this in general, but we can make accommodations as necessary.