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Now Hiring Seasonal Residential Staff (August 2020-May 2021)

 The Camp RIO Residential Program Staff both develops and delivers carefully constructed TEKS-based lessons in a fun and engaging way during the academic school year.  Please note this is not a summer position.  The start date will be in August  2020 through May 2021.  


Join our team!!

Camp RIO is the only Overnight summer camp of its kind in the RGV and we want you to be part of something special going down right here in the Valley.

This year will be our first overnight summer. We are excited for you to join us and help us create something truly unique. 


Being a staff member at RIO means setting a good example at all times. Believing the age-old adage “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, we expect behavior which you would be proud to see mimicked.

Counselors are the most important element in the camp’s overall operation; they set the tone for the campers.

Staff members are looked up to by campers, both in and out of the cabin. Campers copy staff behavior and actions. They want to dress like you – in short, you are the mirror they want to reflect. We want good examples for them: we want clean-cut men and women who are not ashamed to take a stand for what is right; who are proud of their heritage and country.


Why work at camp?

 From your standpoint, there is a lot to gain by being a staff member at a quality summer camp. It is definitely more than baby-sitting! You live, work, and play in the great outdoors – not stuck inside behind a cash register or hamburger counter for the summer; you make friends from all over the world; you make a difference in a child’s life – you become someone’s hero.


Experience as a counselor translates into excellent management and personal skills because employers appreciate the interpersonal skills, leadership, responsibility and maturity necessary to hold such a job.

You can get a jump-start on your career by testing your skills in the real world, as well as by having the opportunity to meet and talk with outstanding career people from all areas.

Being a counselor is truly a win-win situation; you get benefits AND get paid for having a good time!


You are in for a summer of friends, memories, campfires, laughter and of course S'mores!!