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Field trips with an emphasis on outdoor learning


Turn the Outdoors into Your Classroom

Camp RIO is a facility designed for outdoor discovery and adventure. We provide adventure-based learning tailored to your students, teachers, staff, and administrators. Students spend their time exploring the natural world through activities such as archery, plant and animal identification, team-building, canoeing, and many others. Our 85-acre property is comprised of rare and native Rio Grande Valley habitat, and 75 of those acres are protected in perpetuity by a conservation easement championed by the Valley Land Fund. This unique and dynamic environment provides the perfect backdrop to the discovery, community-building, and excitement you will experience here at Camp RIO. 



We strive to engage students with outdoor adventure lessons founded on our core mission to develop leaders through transformational experiences in the outdoors. Each grade level participates in activities that provide achievable challenges suited to their academic maturity and physical capabilities. These lessons are designed to supplement the classroom experience of all students. TEKS and grade-specific scopes and sequences are the undercurrents of all the activities we offer at Camp RIO.



 Canoeing • Geocaching • Plant and Animal ID • Photography • Survival Skills • Archery • Tomahawks and Slingshots • Land Stewardship • Team Building • Nature ELA • Animal Encounters • Riflery • Hiking • STEM Activities • Orienteering • Natural History 


 Curriculum Activities by Grade



 Access to Camp RIO is via bus only.   We would be happy to discuss alternative options with you if you do not have a bus.  




We are now serving delicious cuisine from our newly built state-of-the-art kitchen. For an affordable price, meals may be added to your reservation or ordered at the start of your programming event for an additional cost. 




 Our air-conditioned cabins are perfect for large groups staying overnight.  Amenities include brand new bunk beds and mattresses, a shower house and restrooms located right outside the cabin area, a lodge with a fireplace for indoor activities, and a classroom with audio-visual capabilities.